Sunday, March 29, 2009


I am beginning to see how exactly people spend so much time on the Internet. Now, not only can I read all the blogs I'm interested in at Bloglines, I can also refer to my favorite websites at any time, from any computer. This beats the heck out of that list of URL links to storytime sites I had saved to my flash drive when I was a children's librarian.

I also really like the tagging aspect--chalk up to the hidden cataloguer in me. A wonderful way to organize things. While working on this assignment, I began to wish we could tag the emails we receive at our work account. No more wondering what folder to put an email in, or later wondering what folder did I put that email in. Just tag it with whatever you might search for it later under.

Of course, I can see how this would be applicable in our jobs. For starters, it's a way to collect all the websites you frequently use to answer customer questions, and have them available to you at any computer with Internet access.

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